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Topic : Water level controllers in chennai |Ktronicsglobal
04/04/2022 13:26:22


Our manufacturing unit at Sholinganallur, Chennai form here we are supplying all of Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Tirunelveli, and Tamil Nadu as well as all over India. Our branch offices are OMR, Velachery, Anna Nagar. Water level controllers in chennai  .For more details contact us:+91 9043876528  | +91 9444962691

Mark that nobody goes to inform you inside the water level Controller marketplace that in case you choose the incorrect product, your motor can be at risk. Your motor would possibly get burnt because of overrunning in 70% of cases. But you furthermore may want to recognize selecting the right Product Can supply new long life for your Water Pump. We can give an explanation for to you the reason that minor errors want to be taken care of, earlier than shopping for a water level controller.

Selecting the right  Water level controller in chennai   can increase Your Pump life by means of 30% accurately selected Water level additionally protects your Pump from getting burnt.

DRY RUN protection

In case you need to put in a water level controller ensure it has this safety inner it. In case your lower tank is not monitored when the Pump is on, there’s an 80% chance your pump gets burnt because of dry run. As low-price water level controllers don’t have this feature.


There’s each other problem that a few companies offer the best One Sensor for Sump Tank dry run protection for sensing lower level most effective. Now, what occurs is that if the top tank is empty and your water level starts off evolved to pump. And until it gets full, Your Sump Tank gets Empty. Right here when you have only One Sensor, whilst the pump stops because of gravity water within the sump pipe controller in chennai  comes back while the motor stops. The water level would possibly reach the sensor in milli litres and again and it’ll start the pump. After some seconds again. We’ve got visible this case wherein it maintains the motor on-off for hours. And Your Motor receives damage.

Here one may argue that, what if a person has programmatically set to run the motor for a few more seconds, so this doesn’t show up. however even if so, while water comes the day after today, the pump gets a start and stops whilst the sump tank is filling slow. And your top tank is filling speedy the use of a pump. So we prefer to have  sump tank sensors  . In the Sensor device for the Sump tank, one lower Sensor Act as a stop Motor signal, and the top Sensor Works as a megastar Motor signal. If the Sump receives empty, it’s going to not restart the motor until it touches a high sensor set at 30%.

LOW-cost system

Cheap Water level Controllers have compromised additives to suit low cost. There are many components that could easily lessen device price by way of half of, like low ability relay, logic ICs, cheap SMPS, Reused Plastic Enclosures, and lots more.

Relay:- whilst buying Ktronics search for its Relay rating and organization. Is it an excellent brand? Leone, Tara, Good sky, Panasonic, and a few other manufacturers are usually utilized in India. And additionally, you need to search for your motor load and relay ampere score. usually, any 0.5 HP motor takes a load up to 2A when the motor is nicely serviced or new and will take up to 6A in initial jerks or Chock Up rotor even as the bearing is too old for lots extra reasons. Now in case, your Motor is of one H.P. Motor Load goes up to 12A. Now you’ll see many companies claiming to work their 10A Load Relay up to 1.5HP Motor. On regular days it’d work well, however, when modern is going past the relay rated present-day device may get burned and damage other parts in line.

Switches & Connectors: – Maximum cheap merchandise come with reasonably-priced 5A Switches and low score Connectors. These Switches and connectors melt while exceeding its rated modern. All of us understand appropriate products require excellent fine and quality Comes with rate most effective. Whilst our mindset of getting fine products at the cheapest rate.

Reused components: – Reused components you could get at one 5th price. Sure Many inner components like Transformers, or SMPS which makes product price too less. Even Plastic O which product is enclosed, which isn’t virgin and used plastic is much less long-lasting and sunlight can harm it very soon.

Common sense & functionality

Simple Water level controllers   used to work on genuinely comparator primarily based logic wherein voltage measurements are as compared for his or her respective level and changes on voltage trigger ON OFF movements. In which proper now Ktronics is the product of a Microcontroller with complicated logic that fits more accurately and has a tendency to protect the device in unsure conditions which will be predefined.

Getting the modern MCU based Controller is greater correct if written well. Now one wonders how this makes a difference with the old systems.

With MCU we will display real Load pump is taking.

Pump most running time can be saved and prevent the motor whilst overrun.

Not on-time start and stop can also be applied with MCU for lots of purposes. This can save you on multi-floor houses and buildings where if the motor as soon as stopped and rapidly begins once more n on 2d because of strength reduce or some other reason. The water inside the pipe again pressures at the same time as the pump is pushing upwards makes the pump gets burned.


Sensor Abnormality can also be prevented with MCU logic. And there are a thousand extra features you could gain with MCU-Microcontroller based structures.