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What is real dolls for men?

15/12/2020 13:17:48

Part of the average man's problem in finding women is that the average modern woman is really pretty difficult. It's hard to please them, and it's hard to build a relationship with them. This is partly due to the days and ages of modern women, at least in Western societies.  Sex dolls   are really very greedy, called creatures and are treated as a general category of modern society.

Sure, there are exceptions and there are great women out there, but for the average guy who sometimes wants to be able to have a sexy RealDoll in his bed, these good women are few and far away. May be-at least less and farther than he wants. Anyway, part of the problem, or a very big part of it, is that our love dolls are taught by society that men should be entrance mats. They are taught that men in their lives should bend backwards and say something that pleases women, bow, and with their approval, they are generally beaten and pushed away. Forgive me. This makes modern sex dolls very greedy and ungrateful, which means only one thing. The man she meets, any man, is just as good as he can do for her.

Men are fully satisfied with the luxury love dolls  

This attitude creates an entire generation of women who are barely fully satisfied with the current male population. If the man isn't rich enough, or completely unattractive, or if he can pack a few pounds extra, or simply he's not as attractive and handsome as the fake men in these RealDolls, If it's not balanced, look at the cover of the romance novel. That way, that person is not enough for these qualified princesses. What a terrifying thing! Be a great person who can offer a lot, but tell us that you are not just what women are looking for. Again, society has a terrifying double standard.

It all comes down to the fact that sex and affection are the very natural needs that everyone has. Every human has an urge to have sex. If you're a straight guy, that means you want a sexually attractive sex doll company. What's more, what you find sexually appealing is what it is. Even if modern society thinks what you like is politically incorrect, you can't change it. As such, we now call this ridiculous campaign in society "body positivity." This is an attempt to tell men that a fat sex doll is as attractive as a woman who is in good shape, toned, taut and full of sexy curves. Society is telling men over and over again that fat, unwell, unattractive women deserve to be considered beautiful ... in fact it is not. Love dolls of WMDOLL   Even if you tell a man that a love doll is beautiful from a video, you can't convince a man that a real sex doll is a woman, but this politics You can't tell this to those who impose the right nonsense on the masses.

Can men be satisfied with just a Irontech Doll   real sex doll at kichi-doll?

No, you are expected to nod your head and silently agree with any nonsense they are pushing. Sure, fat women are also sexy. Indeed, ugly women are also beautiful. This body positivity campaign goes as far as saying that women can be fat and should stop getting in shape. And even there. In fact, criticism of women of any form, form, or form in modern modern society considers many of these politically correct people to be "homosexual." So where does the average man, who has not yet purchased a kichi-doll product to free himself from this harassment and tyranny, go?