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screw oil press machine and oil press line,cheaper price.

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06/04/2023 12:34:40


Using production line of intelligent peanut oil presscan be the supply of oil, raw material extraction machine heating, oil transportation, pressing and other processes fully automated. At the same time, the supply of crude oil through the oil filter equipment  can be very good to purify the oil, so that the quality of cooking oil is more pure.


When the screw-oil press is operating, the processed oilseeds from the hopper enter the press chamber. The squeezing tool for squeezing pulls the raw materials inwards. Under high pressure, the material egg is constantly in motion in the oil press press chamber. A great frictional resistance is created between the material egg and the snail.


Screw oil press is the most commonly used equipment for oil extraction. The different spiral oil press have different functional characteristics,the following will be detailed about the characteristics of spiral oil press.




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